Projects and Cancer Types

Emory Surgical Oncology Nanomedicine Research Lab

The Emory Surgical Oncology Nanomedicine Research Lab is engaged in a variety of investigations that address several types of cancer.

Current Projects

  1. Early detection of breast, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer using receptor-targeted nanoparticles and novel optical, MRI, and photoacoustic imaging methods.

  2. Improvement of the efficiency of surgical tumor resection and prevention of tumor recurrence by intraoperative optical imaging of tumor margin using targeted imaging probes and novel optical imaging devices.

  3. Targeted and image-guided therapy of triple negative breast cancer using theranostic nanoparticles, novel MRI monitoring drug delivery, and intraoperative imaging methods.

  4. Development of targeted nanoparticles carrying potent therapeutic agents that can be delivered directly into the patient's abdominal cavitiy for effective treatment of pancreatic or ovarian cancer with peritoneal metastasis.

  5. Determination of mechanisms of drug resistance by conventional chemotherapy or targeted nanoparticle drug carriers in triple negative breast cancer and the development of new and more effective treatments for drug resistant breast cancer.

  6. Development of novel imageable nanoparticle-drug carriers with immune-modulators for targeted and image-guided cancer therapy as well as activation of tumor specific immune responses for prolonged immunoprotective effect after targeted therapy.

  7. Interaction of targeted nanoparticle drug carriers with inflammatory stromal cells and its effect on the tumor response to targeted therapy and systemic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases.