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Overview: Division of Vascular Surgery

vascular surgery

Since its inception, the Division of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy of the Department of Surgery at Emory has had an international role in advancing the treatment of arterial and venous disease. In the early 1990s, vascular surgery in general and our division in particular began shifting focus from traditional, open procedures to minimally-invasive and endovascular therapy techniques. This transition was validated by a wide range of clinical trials undertaken by our board-certified faculty physicians, who became recognized as national leaders in training, research, and the performance of endovascular procedures.

Our division's clinical research program provides patients with the opportunity to benefit from cutting-edge technology through numerous clinical trials. Projects in the basic science research laboratory include the characterization of biomechanical, cellular signaling, and extracellular matrix differences between stiffened and healthy vessels.

The residency in vascular surgery and endovascular therapy at Emory was one of the first programs in the U.S. to provide advanced postgraduate training for the care of the patient with vascular disease. The two-year, ACGME-approved program emphasizes surgical and endovascular therapy for venous and arterial disease, vascular medicine, and vascular diagnostics.