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  • "In a time of national redefinition and debate of healthcare policies, quality initiatives, and research funding, the Department of Surgery at Emory is adapting rather than reacting to change. We are accomplishing diverse goals in limited time frames, often splitting single objectives into clinical, research, educational, and quality branches." MORE»»

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Top Surgery News

Dr. Felix Fernandez is spearheading an effort with Dr. Alessandro Brunelli to link lung cancer surgery outcomes data from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons General Thoracic Surgery Database and the European Society of Thoracic Surgery Database. The international team's goal is to identify best practices in lung cancer care in the US and Europe for better patient care worldwide. FULL STORY.

According to the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research, which publishes ranking tables online of annual NIH funding, the Department of Surgery of the Emory University School of Medicine ranked 12th in NIH awards for all departments of surgery nationwide in 2014. FULL STORY.

After serving as interim chair of the Department of Surgery since January 2013, Dr. John Sweeney has been appointed Joseph Brown Whitehead Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine; Chief of Surgery, Emory Healthcare; Director of Surgical Services, Emory Healthcare; and Surgeon-in-Chief of Emory Healthcare. FULL STORY.