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  • "In a time of national redefinition and debate of healthcare policies, quality initiatives, and research funding, the Department of Surgery at Emory is adapting rather than reacting to change. We are accomplishing diverse goals in limited time frames, often splitting single objectives into clinical, research, educational, and quality branches." MORE»»

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Top Surgery News

Kamal Mansour, a beloved and renowned faculty cardiothoracic surgeon of the Department of Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine, for 48 years, passed away on June 6, 2016. READ MORE.

During his first Emory Medishare surgical trip to Haiti, Benjamin Martin had been talking to several of the Haitian physicians that staffed L'Hôpital Sainte-Thérèse de Hinche, the hospital that Medishare's teams had been visiting every summer since 2008 to offer free surgical care. The doctors queried him about minimally invasive surgery, and he was impressed by their curiosity and desire for delivering new technology to their patients. FULL STORY.

Emory vascular surgeons are the first in Georgia, and among the first in the United States, to offer transcarotid artery revascularization to treat carotid stenosis — the buildup of plaque inside the carotid arteries that can lead to a potentially disabling stroke. FULL STORY.