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Dr. Raul Badell

I. Raul Badell Receives 2018 ASTS Vanguard Prize

January 2018

The American Society of Transplant Surgeons' (ASTS) Vanguard Prize recognizes and honors ASTS junior members for authoring the previous year's best clinical and basic research manuscripts from young investigators. Emory kidney transplant surgeon I. Raul Badell, MD, won the 2018 edition of the award for his paper "Selective CD28 Blockade Results in Superior Inhibition of Donor-Specific T Follicular Helper Cell and Antibody Responses Relative to CTLA4-Ig," which was first published electronically in August 2017 by the American Journal of Transplantation.


Dr. Hakob Davtyan

Hakob Davtyan-Directed St. Francis Hospital Cardiac Services Program Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

December 2017

St. Francis Hospital and Emory Healthcare celebrated the one-year anniversary of their cardiothoracic surgery affiliation with a recent event to honor the patients whose lives were saved in the last year through this partnership which expanded cardiothoracic care to the Columbus area and Middle Georgia region. "It's been an honor working collaboratively with the talented team at St. Francis and providing cutting edge, quality cardiothoracic care to the people in the Columbus area," says Emory Surgery CT surgeon Hakob Davtyan, MD, medical director of the St. Francis Hospital Cardiac Services program.


Dr. Joshua Winer

Joshua Winer and His Use of HIPEC Featured in the Atlanta Jewish Times

November 2017

The AJT article rightly describes Joshua Winer, MD, as one of the few surgeons in the United States that practices the innovative HIPEC procedure, and features a detailed explanation of the complicated surgery and Dr. Winer's observations. HIPEC is a cancer treatment that delivers highly concentrated, heated chemotherapy directly to the abdomen during surgery, which allows for higher doses of chemotherapy than systemic delivery.


Dr. Omar Lattouf

Omar Lattouf Named Medical Director of New Surgical Partnership

November 2017

As the new medical director of the recently initiated cardiothoracic surgical partnership established between Navicent Health in Macon and Emory Healthcare, Omar Oattouf, MD, PhD, will work closely with Navicent Health's current CT surgical team, who have provided a combined 35 plus years of clinical care to patients in central Georgia. Dr. Lattouf recently trained Navicent Health physicians on the new minimally invasive Convergent procedure to treat patients suffering from longstanding persistent atrial fibrillation.