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screenshot from the app Surgical Anatomy of the Lung

CSAT's Surgical Anatomy of the Lung Now Available

July 2018

Surgical Anatomy of the Lung was originally created to facilitate communication between faculty surgeons of the Emory Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery and their lung cancer patients prior to surgical resection, and has now been made available as a free download to professionals, educators, and trainees alike. The prototype version of the app received an interactive media award at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association of Medical Illustrators.


Emory Haiti Alliance

Emory Haiti Alliance 2018 Surgical Trip: Converge, Adapt, Advance

July 2018

The Emory Haiti Alliance—a volunteer consortium of Emory medical students, surgery and anesthesiology residents, faculty physicians, and mid-level practitioners—recently made its 11th surgical trip to Haiti's Central Plateau, the most medically underserved area in the country. For the second year in a row, alliance members worked alongside their Haitian colleagues at the Hôpital Bienfaisance in Pignon.


Muralidhar Padala, Jaydev Desai, and Baowei Fei

Muralidhar Padala, Jaydev Desai, and Baowei Fei Receive Multi-PI Grant to Develop Intravascular Robotic System

June 2018

An NHLBI multi-PI R01 grant will fund the combination of Dr. Padala's expertise in mitral valve repair devices, Dr. Desai's insightful grasp of surgical robotics, and Dr. Fei's knowledge of imaging so that the three scientists can work to develop an image-guided intravascular robotic system for mitral valve repair and implants.


At Emory University Hospital, nurse Melissa Morris (left) works with a patient while nurse Lisa Walls speaks remotely with Milad Sharifpour, MD. Sharifpour, who is based in Perth, Australia, provides critical care services during daytime hours in Australia to cover nighttime hours in Emory's ICUs.

Emory Cares for ICU Patients Remotely, Turning 'Night Into Day' From Australia

May 2018

A partnership involving Emory Healthcare, Royal Perth Hospital in Australia, and health technology company Philips will move night intensive care work in the Emory eICU Center into daylight hours, focusing on the globalization of critical care medicine. The new project will allow Emory physicians and nurses to deliver care from the other side of the Earth by working in daylight hours in Australia to cover nighttime hours in Atlanta.