Stuart Hurst is Co-Investigator of GTF Award to Improve Civilian Tourniquet use

October 2019

Former Emory general surgery resident and current surgical critical care fellow Stuart Hurst, MD, is co-investigator of "Identifying Knowledge Gaps in Tourniquet Application in the State of Georgia: A Multi-Institutional Study in Two Level I Trauma Centers," which has received a trauma research award from the Georgia Trauma Foundation. Christopher Dente, MD, Emory professor of surgery, is the PI for the study site at Grady Memorial Hospital's Marcus Trauma Center, and Dennis Ashley, MD, professor of surgery at Mercer University, is the PI for the Mercer site at Navicent Health Trauma Center.

This investigation will assess the effectiveness of tourniquet placement encountered by physicians and staff at two trauma centers in Georgia, one rural (Navicent Health), and the other urban (Grady). It will also evaluate the potential success of a novel training course in tourniquet use for civilian college students.

For the first objective, the team will appraise the estimated 150-200 patients who present at Grady and Navicent annually with tourniquets already applied. Drs. Hurst, Dente, and Ashley hypothesize that the majority of these tourniquets will be less than optimal.

The second aim will be tested by recruiting approximately 186 undergraduate students at Emory and Mercer universities (93 students per arm) for training in tourniquet application. The determination of a suitable participant number as sample size was defined using power statistical analysis. Drs. Hurst, Dente, and Ashley anticipate 20% improvement in effective tourniquet placement by the students when the class is completed.