Fellowship & MD/MSCR Enrollment Support M3 Sujin Lee's Mentored Work in Shipra Arya's Lab

April 2017

Emory third year medical student and aspiring vascular surgeon Sujin Lee has received a 2017 Society for Vascular Surgery Research Fellowship, which will contribute to supporting her 2017-2018 academic year of mentored research with Emory vascular surgeon Shipra Arya, MD. The primary intent of the fellowship is to introduce the student to the application of rigorous scientific methods to clinical problems and underlying biologic processes important to patients with vascular disease.

Ms. Lee's work in Dr. Arya's lab will also be assisted by her acceptance into the Atlanta Clinical & Translational Science Institute's (ACTSI) TL1 MD/Master of Science in Clinical Research (MD/MSCR) program, which is focused on providing innovative didactic and mentored research training to its trainees.

To meet the requirements of the SVS fellowship and the MD/MSCR program, Ms. Lee must carry out a hypothesis driven research proposal based on clinical or translational research under Dr. Arya's guidance. During the year, she will work on developing a peripheral calcium scoring and muscle volumetric analysis protocol for comparison to the existing noninvasive vascular diagnostic methods in peripheral arterial disease patients.

Ms. Lee has already established a strong working relationship with Dr. Arya, and presented a study conducted in Dr. Arya's lab at both the 16th Annual William C. Wood Research Symposium and the 12th Annual Academic Surgical Congress, "Depression increases amputation and mortality risk in patients with peripheral arterial disease."