Ascent: 2016 Emory Surgery NIH Funding Rankings

January 2017

For the third year in a row, the Emory Department of Surgery's position in annual NIH funding for all departments of surgery nationwide has risen. According to ranking tables of annual NIH funding posted by the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research, Emory Surgery placed 8th in NIH awards in 2016, marking a climb that began with the 12th position in 2014, then the 9th in 2015. The 2016 ranking is based on a total of $10,481,924 million in awards (direct plus indirect costs are included, R & D contracts are not), and attests to the Department's continued status as a locus for important translational research.

Transplant immunologists Christian Larsen, Andrew Adams, and Mandy Ford; novel cancer imaging and targeted therapeutic agents specialist Lily Yang; health services researcher Rachel Patzer; and sepsis and shock scientist Craig Coopersmith placed in the top 100 NIH-funded, department of surgery-based principal investigators. Vascular disease investigators Luke Brewster and Shipra Arya were also highly ranked.

"Our new ranking is an exciting, external validation of the tremendous breadth and depth of research in the Department of Surgery," says Dr. Coopersmith, the Department's vice chair of research. "While we are justifiably proud of this accomplishment, the true measure of our success is in how our research will ultimately benefit our patients, and I am confident that the discoveries made today by our fantastic researchers will translate into transformative changes in patient care in the future."