Emory Apps Now Available on Mobile App Catalog

August 2016

The Emory Mobile App Catalog allows Emory to distribute and maintain its own mobility infrastructure without using a public marketplace. Neither Apple nor Google marketplaces are intended to support internal mobile app distribution for apps used only within an organization. Applications in those marketplaces are available to the general public, so Emory has created its own mobile infrastructure.

The catalog is licensed for all Emory University and Emory Healthcare staff, faculty and students. After downloading the catalog, users are prompted to enter an Emory NetID and password for access.

The benefits of the Emory Mobile App Catalog include users not having to relinquish control of their devices for installs, Emory being able to remove and/or repair problem apps without affecting users, Emory controlling distribution of vended apps so that the community is not blind-sided by vendor updates before they have been vetted by appropriate app support teams, and users being able to choose from curated apps that have been reviewed and selected as most suitable for Emory's environment.

Emory-generated apps available on the catalog include the iChoose Kidney decision support tool, Surgical Anatomy of the Liver, the SCIP for Surgery (Surgical Care Improvement Project) best practices app, and Emory Healthcare's prototype Emergency Codes app.

Go here for instructions on installing the app catalog on your device.