Emory CSAT Liver App Available in iTunes

April 2014

Produced under the auspices of the Thalia and Michael Carlos and Alfred A. Davis Center for Surgical Anatomy and Technique (CSAT), Emory University School of Medicine, the "Surgical Anatomy of the Liver" iPad app is now available in the Apple iTunes App Store.

CSAT has existed since 1984 with the mission of providing education in human macro anatomy in order to create surgeons and surgeon scientists who understand and respect the anatomic basis of modern surgical care. Building upon a rich tradition of landmark publications in the field, CSAT is currently harnessing the communications innovations of the 21st century to package and transmit its educational resources, and the liver app has publicly initiated this new focus on electronic education.

Intended for trainees, medical students, instructors, and anyone that needs a quick way to learn or teach liver anatomy, this highly comprehensive interactive 3D app allows users to mentally map the anatomy of the liver in ways that were never before possible with print illustrations or imaging studies. The user can rotate the liver, turn structures off and on to understand the relationships, and tap anatomy to reveal a label.

Emory surgical oncologist Dr. Shishir Maithel guided Emory School of Medicine medical illustrator Michael Konomos through the intensive process of accurately sculpting the complex anatomy of the liver, with the end product achieving a synthesis of radiographic, cadaveric, and surgical references as well as the distillation of hundreds of hours of liver surgery. CSAT medical illustrator Andy Matlock contributed 3D animations that display the typical configuration of the liver as it pertains to surgical anatomy. The app also includes over 12 minutes of liver videos narrated by Dr. Maithel.

Volume discounts for the app are available through Apple's Volume Purchasing Program.