Dr. Seth Force Performs Emory's 300th Lung Transplant

September 2010

On September 17, 2010, Dr. Seth Force and his surgical team performed Emory's 300th lung transplant, an especially notable achievement considering that the lung transplant program is not as high-volume as Emory's other transplant programs. However, the program's referral base may well be expanding, an unsurprising possibility considering that the service is the only lung transplant program in Georgia and that it has one of the highest lung transplant survival rates in the nation.

In 2009 the service performed 35 lung transplants, more than it had ever done in a year and a 300% increase over the number it transplanted 10 years ago. The service has done 17 lung transplants in the first six months of this year.

"If anything, this achievement was a team endeavor and Clint Lawrence deserves a lot of the credit," said Dr. Force, Surgical Director of Lung Transplantation. Dr. Lawrence is the McKelvey Chair in Lung Transplantation Medicine and Medical Director of Lung Transplantation. "When I came on board to expand the program in 2003, Emory Healthcare and the Departments of Medicine and Surgery put the resources in place to grow the lung transplant program. They added staff in the pre- and post-transplant areas and recruited two dedicated thoracic surgeons, Allan Pickens and Felix Fernandez, last year. It's been a huge effort."