Emory Surgery Ranked #5 in NIH Awards for 2010

November 2011

As reported on the website of the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research, the Department of Surgery of the Emory University School of Medicine was ranked #5 in NIH awards for all Departments of Surgery nationwide in 2010, a position the Department has maintained since 2008. The ranking is based on a calculation of over $11,680,783 million in NIH awards, a figure derived from direct plus indirect costs that excludes R and D contracts and ARRA awards. Blue Ridge obtains the information for the award files it posts from the NIH's Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool (RePORT).

Maintaining this position is highly significant for the Department, especially considering that it had no NIH funded grants when Dr. William Wood became chair in 1991. However, when Dr. Wood passed the chair to Dr. Larsen in February 2009, the Department had risen to the 5th leading academic department of surgery in NIH funding nationwide based on 2008 statistics.

Drs. Chris Larsen and Allan Kirk were listed in the top five funded PIs, and Drs. John Calvert, Craig Coopersmith, Mandy Ford, Stuart Knechtle, David Lefer, Kenneth Newell, and Lily Yang placed in the top 300.

Despite continuing national trends of relatively flat federal funding and marked reductions in foundation and philanthropic giving, the Department continues to sustain its remarkable growth in research activities. Additional funding sources include the AST/ASTS, Georgia Cancer Coalition, DoD, FDA, CDC, JDRF, and numerous industry sponsors.