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Faculty Profile

Susan Safley

Susan A. Safley, PhD

– Assistant Professor, Division of General and GI Surgery, Department of Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine

Telephone: 404.712.9676


Year Joined Emory Surgery as a Faculty Member: 2001

Dr. Safley works with Dr. Collin Weber in the Emory Diabetes and Parathyroid Disease Lab. She is involved in various projects, including developing the use of xenogeneic tissues as sources of donor islets; microencapsulation plus selective immune modulation of hosts as the means to accomplish cross-species islet graft survival; studying the causes of human parathyroid tumors and their functional characteristics, primarily through investigations of secreted products of human parathyroid tumors including neuropeptides and cytokines; and analyses of replication of parathyroid tumors of differing histopathologies.


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