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Stephanie M. Walsh, MD, MS

Stephanie M. Walsh, MD, MS

Dual Appointment: Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Department of Pediatrics, Emory University School of Medicine

Medical Director, Child Wellness, Judson Hawk Clinic, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta





American Board of Pediatrics, American Board of Obesity Medicine


Dr. Walsh is considered a leader in promoting wellness and addressing obesity-related complications in children, particularly by implementing evidence-based methods toward the prevention and treatment of obesity, and by tracking and measuring data to determine the clinical effectiveness of these efforts. As medical director of child wellness at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, she helps to lead the organization's efforts in preventing and treating childhood obesity.

In 2008, Dr. Walsh was involved in initiating the Health4Life Program at Children's to treat children affected by obesity and its related health issues. Dr. Walsh currently leads the Health4Life Clinic team, which includes physicians, nurses, dieticians, psychologists, child life specialists, and exercise physiologists who work with patients and families to provide intensive treatment of obesity, promotion of a physically active lifestyle, and healthy eating habits and behavior change.

Dr. Walsh collaborates with Emory's pediatric surgeons on surgical weight loss treatment for adolescent obesity and associated research.

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